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Assignment 2: Identify Product & Marketing Mix Select/ identify a major consumer product and the company that makes it. Provide a brief history of them both. (Select an existing publicly owned company. View the link Public Companies for a comprehensive

Journal Article Research and Analysis paper

Strategic compensation is a component of the human resource system. Organizations must determine the importance of many factors when choosing compensation and benefits. Write a three-to-five page essay (not including the title and reference pages) that summarizes the impact and

Could an analogous approach be used in a multiple regression analysis

The decomposition approach to forecasting (using trend and seasonal components) may be helpful when attempting to forecast a time-series. Could an analogous approach be used in a multiple regression analysis? Explain briefly. Using the book that is attatched  with a

Compensation Practices

Discuss the various factors that influence a company’s competitive strategies and compensation practices. Assess how a company can mitigate these factors using effective compensation practices.


please read the instruction. it’s very long. but, the writing is fairly short.    Read the scenario, write a memo no more than two pages.

Compensation Strategy – DQ

Discuss the general goals of an organization’s compensation system, including how a compensation strategy works to support the organization’s business strategy. 


I need an outline in 2 hours, 1 page.I want atleast 6 reasons and each reason has to have atleast 3-4 examples. It should also have a thesis statement and a conclusion. The topic is ‘Should The Students Be Allowed

Persuasive/Argumentative Essay

                  Persuasive/Argumentative Essay       Topic…………..Why the Legalization of Marijuana is Inevitable           Assignment: Write a paper formatted in MLA style of seven pages in length (use

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